Who We Are

Unveiling Our Story – Passion, Innovation, Your Trusted Partner for your children in Education

Our Founder

It is my pleasure to welcome you to UUMISM. We are a part of a special community that prioritise quality teaching and learning, but above all we strive to make tomorrow a better world by empowering today’s youth. Our aim is to ensure that our students are given a modicum of freedom to shape their destiny by developing a sense of purpose in life.


Here at UUMISM, we believe in shaping life-long learners who continuously strive for excellence and ever ready to face worldly challenges. Our aim is to produce quality students who are future leaders of this world excelling via integrated curriculum.


We inculcate sense of appreciation towards nature by actively engaging our students in sports activities mainly golf, an outdoor game that truly enhance individual’s love to be one with nature.


Ultimately, UUMIS is a well-rounded holistic approach set in a real environment for acquiring knowledge through experience and self-discovery. That is why we are “THE SCHOOL FOR DIVERSITY”.


Yours sincerely,


Mr. David Jeong

Founder & Director – UUM International School Melaka

Our Principal

Dear friends and esteemed members of the community,


I’m truly humbled and grateful to lead the incredible UUM International School Melaka (UUMISM). It is an honor beyond words to work hand in hand with our beloved students, parents, and dedicated staff as we strive to make UUMISM the shining star among international schools in Melaka.


Our school is registered with Cambridge, offering a truly unique curriculum that marries academics (IGCSE/A levels) with the beautiful sport of golf. It is with heartfelt enthusiasm that we present our 3-branched program, allowing students to explore their passions fully. They may choose a wholly academic path or embrace the joy of golf as an enriching extracurricular activity. Additionally, for those with dreams of becoming professional golfers, we provide specialised training to support their aspirations.


Settled in the serene embrace of Ayer Keroh Country Club (AKCC), our school creates a warm and nurturing atmosphere. Our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers provides a supportive environment where students can flourish academically and embrace the joy of golf.


At UUMISM we foster an understanding of human values such as love, respect, trust, self-esteem, and responsibility. We aim for academic excellence with the understanding that all children have different abilities, skills, and interests. As you contemplate becoming part of our school community, we extend our sincere and humble welcome. We eagerly await the opportunity to embark on this remarkable journey together, fostering a spirit of growth and learning within each student.


Thank you for considering UUMISM as your educational home. We are sincerely grateful for your interest and look forward to the privilege of welcoming you and your family with open hearts to our wonderful school community.


Yours sincerely,

Roquia Haq
Principal – UUM International School Melaka

Among Our Teachers

Mr Thiepaan Raaj Radhakrishnan

- Singer, music and theatre artiste
- Performed globally in Japan, Indian & Spain
- Composer for LIPSTICK (multi genre production)

Ms Umasree A/P Sockalingam

Masters of Science (Counselling)

Our Golf Coach

David Jeong, Head Coach

David Jeong is a highly accomplished professional golf coach and a prominent figure in the golf industry. With an illustrious career spanning various roles, including a player on the Asian Tour, President of David Jeong Golf Academy, former Head Coach of the Junior State Team of Melaka, former Head Coach of the Malaysia National Golf Academy, and a proud member of the Malaysian Professional Golf Association, David has made a significant impact on the development of golf in Malaysia and beyond.


Through his leadership, guidance, and comprehensive coaching programs, he has nurtured numerous golfers who have achieved notable accomplishments in regional and national tournaments. David’s commitment to the development of golf and his unwavering passion for the sport continue to inspire and empower golfers of all levels, helping them reach new heights in their golfing journeys.

Amirul Aizat, Professional Golf Coach

Aizat Aizat is a highly accomplished professional golf coach and a prominent member of the Golf Athletes National Golf Academy (UUMNGA) and Touring Player Professional Golf Malaysia (PGM). With a wealth of experience both as a player and coach, Aizat brings a unique perspective to his coaching approach, combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of the competitive golf landscape. As a player, Aizat has achieved remarkable success on the professional circuit in Malaysia. His dedication, perseverance, and exceptional skills have allowed him to compete at the highest level, earning him recognition as one of the most promising golfers in the country. Aizat’s firsthand experience in tournament play enables him to relate to his students on a personal level, understanding the pressures and challenges they face on the course.

Our Fitness Trainer

Aiman, Fitness Trainer

Aiman Nazari is a dynamic and dedicated individual in the fitness industry, known for his youthful energy and unwavering commitment to helping others achieve their fitness goals. With a diverse background that includes golfing experience and a passion for fitness training, Aiman brings a unique perspective to his coaching approach. 

His passion for fitness, combined with his experience in golf and his commitment to ongoing professional development, positions him as a knowledgeable and dedicated physical trainer. Through his coaching, clients can expect personalized attention, innovative training techniques, and a supportive environment to help them reach their fitness goals. Aiman’s energy and commitment to his clients’ success make him an inspiring figure in the fitness industry, motivating individuals to strive for their best and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.