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Fully Academic

Students in this program will embark on a holistic and global approach of the Cambridge Syllabus that is accepted and recognized worldwide. Cambridge Syllabus is widely known for its flexible, culturally sensitive and international approach. We also offer a wide range of co-curricular activities to stimulate students’ overall growth and develop skills beyond their academic achievements.

Golf as Co-curricular Activity

A fun and enjoyable learning environment that aims to stimulate interest in the game. Students will learn the importance of rules and etiquette, as well as the basics of the golf swing. Students will be trained 4 and ½ hour per week. The remaining hours, students will focus on their academics.

Specialized Golf Programme

Designed to develop consistency and excellence in all aspects of the sport, such as the technical, physical, mental, motivation, and course strategy. Students in this programme are trained to play at professional level. There will be daily training. Mornings will be the academics and afternoons will be for their golf training.

Diploma of Golf Management

The PGA IGI is a leader in education for the golf industry.We provide individuals with an interactive and practical learning program, to best prepare our graduates for a career in the golf industry.