An interesting and informative article by Henry Brunton entitled: The Development of Expertise for Elite Competitive Golfers and the Related Probability of Advancing to the PGA Tour – Key Information for Athletes, Parents, Coaches, Golf Professionals and Administrators. There are important areas on the role of parents that could be shared with those who aspire to have their children make it big in the golfing world. These are recommendations based on research done although most Malaysian parents are not doing anything drastically different. However, parents reading this should also be aware the existence of cultural and social influences on their roles depending on their background.


Parents must have a clear understanding of the key variables and stages involved in the development process of young golfers. Accordingly, it takes many years for complete beginners to reach the point where they can start winning major professional tournaments. Also, research by Ericsson, (1993) suggested that it requires at least 10 years or 10,000 hours of intense involvement of deliberate practice to attain the skills and expertise necessary to become world class. There are however exceptions like some natural talents who excel at a young age.

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