Unlocking the potential:

How UUMISM students can benefits from golf co-curriculum activity CCA

Learning to play the game of golf at a young age has many benefits. Firstly, it is an outdoor activity and a good form of exercise. Whilst it is a great social sport where meeting new friends can reduce stress, it can also be very challenging to the player. Golf is a demanding sport, both physically and mentally and it requires focus and concentration which can help increase the mental and problem solving skills of young students. It also helps character building as it demands honesty and patience.

However, parents should continue allowing their young children to be involved in as many enjoyable and fun sporting activities. It is also important for the children to have good physical fundamentals. There is no specific age as to when the children should start playing golf. If they show interest in golf, they should firstly enroll in the school CCA and participate in golf skills development under the coach specifically trained in junior golf coaching. It is important to get the right technique and skills during the early stage

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