Malaysia was one of the earlier countries in South-East Asia to introduce this sport, which was brought by British expatriates when they first opened-up rubber and later oil palm plantations during the colonial era of 1800s. Golf courses were built as recreational facilities for the estate managers and senior personnel who were mainly expatriates. Hence, many old clubs were in the estates owned by British or foreign companies.  Because of the historical links, some of those clubs were affiliated to St Andrews of Scotland and other well-known clubs in UK. Today Malaysia has around 200 golf courses and the latest guestimate is in excess of 400,000 golfers.  By having a few world class players can make golf more popular and create a much bigger following.

Golf, in Malaysia may not be popular compared to other sports like badminton, football or hockey. The common perception is golfing a sport for the elitists or the rich as traditionally one must be a member of a golf club to play the game. To join a club meant coming out with a lot of money for membership and monthly subscriptions. To many, the money could be better used for other needs like education, buying a house, car or other daily necessities. Everything about golf sounds expensive, the set of clubs, shoes, balls, gloves and attire for the game going by the top brands in the market. The entry cost to golf is high and one must have money to start playing. For the younger ones, without the full support and commitment of parents, there is very little opportunity for them to pick up the game. With very few public courses, the attraction for a cheap round of golf is just not easily available compared to countries like Australia or USA.

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