Golf Education For Industry Need


Golf is a major industry worldwide. In fact, it is a multibillion dollar industry. Golf is more than a game, it is also a business. There are many similarities between golf and managing a business, where both require proper planning, execution, control and strategic thinking. Golf business is about promoting and selling the game itself, managing the clubhouse and the golf course, merchandising and more important meeting social needs and expectations of members.  The game of golf is for all young and old. There are people who are sports minded and enjoy the challenge of the sport, some do it for exercise and leisure, some enjoy the social environment and some who think golf is good for their image. Golf is often perceived as an expensive sport and gives an impression of it being an elitist game.

The industry itself creates many different types of employment opportunities like managing events, retailing, food & beverages, golf teaching and managing buggies plus other recreation and leisure activities. Like many other businesses, golf clubs offer goods and services and all these need to be marketed and promoted. Golf clubs’ focus have to be on the satisfaction level of members and guests alike. There is also a need to create a ‘brand’ for the club as branding is very important in the industry. Clubs must create their own unique brands as branding creates value. The knowledge and skills required to manage all these are often complex and challenging, hence, the need to provide the right kind of education to people at all levels of the industry.

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