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If you’re looking for a school that can provide your child with an excellent education and a specialized golf program, then look no further than UUM International School. 

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What is Specialized Golf Program in UUMISM?

Program that is designed for students who are passionate about golf and want to develop their skills and knowledge in the sport while also pursuing their academic studies. This program involves a combination of golf training and academic coursework in IGCSE Cambridge syllabus.

Our specialised golf program involves daily training sessions that are led by experienced and qualified golf coaches and trainers. These sessions are designed to help students develop their skills and technique and to improve their physical fitness and mental toughness. Training may include a combination of individual coaching, group coaching, practice on the driving range and putting green, and on-course training.

"Golf is a great way for someone to learn discipline, responsibility and sportsmanship."

Tiger Woods

In addition to the golf training, students in this program also receive a quality academic education. Golf classes are held in the morning, while on afternoons student will be dedicated to enter the academic classes. The academic curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for college and beyond.

Overall, the program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and challenging training experience that helps them to develop the skills and abilities needed to play golf at a professional level. It is ideal for students who are highly motivated and passionate about golf, and who are willing to dedicate themselves to intensive training and academic study.

By combining academic classes with a dedicated golf program, students will have the opportunity to pursue their passion for golf while also preparing themselves for a successful career in any field they choose. It is a unique and exciting opportunity that can help students to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.

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Training On Course

Conducive Environment

What You will Expose During The Class

In golf, ethics and sportsmanship are just as important as the rules of the game. Golfers are expected to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and respect for their fellow players, the course, and the game itself. This includes following the rules of golf, maintaining proper etiquette on the course, and displaying good sportsmanship at all times.

Stretching and warming up is an essential part of any physical activity, and golf is no exception. Before hitting the course, it's important to take the time to stretch your muscles and loosen up. The practice green is also a great place to warm up your putting skills before heading out onto the course.

 Improving your swing is key to becoming a better golfer. There are many different techniques and drills that can help you refine your swing, from practicing your grip to focusing on your follow-through. Working with a golf coach or taking lessons can also be beneficial in improving your swing. 

The driving range is a great place to practice your swing and improve your skills. With a variety of targets to aim for and different clubs to use, the driving range provides a low-pressure environment to work on your technique and develop muscle memory.

Flexibility training is important for golfers as it can help improve your swing and prevent injuries. Focusing on stretches that target the hips, shoulders, and back can help increase your range of motion and improve your overall golf game

In summary, golf is a game that requires not only skill but also good ethics, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. By focusing on stretching and warm-ups, improving your swing skills, practicing on the driving range, and incorporating flexibility training into your routine, you can improve your overall golf game and become a better, more well-rounded golfer.

Our Coach

Amirul Aizat

Professional Golf Coach

  • Professional Golf Coach
  • Touring Player Professional Golf Malaysia (PGM)
  • Golf Athletes National Golf Academy (UUMNGA)

Aiman Nazari

Fitness Trainer

  • Pre-workout Preparation – Physical Readiness
  • Fitness Training – Monitoring Students’ Performance
  • Training Program Design – Tailor Fitness Goals and Programs to Match Individual’s Needs
  • Relationship Management – Health Motivator & Responsible for Student’s Welfare

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