Specialized Golf Program

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What is Specialized Golf Program

Students in this programmed are trained by qualified professional golfers in the afternoons and academics in the morning

Designed to develop consistency and excellence in all aspects of the sport, such as the technical, physical, mental, motivation, and course strategy. Students in this programme are trained to play at professional level. There will be daily training. Mornings will be the academics and afternoons will be for their golf training.

Why Choose Us?


Training On Course

Conducive Environment

What You will Expose

  • Golf Rules – explain about Golf Ethics
  • Stretching & Practice Green – Improve your performance in physical activities
  • Swing – improve your  Swing Skills
  • Driving Range – Develops muscle memory
  • Flexibility training – Golf Swing

Our Coach

Amirul Aizat

Professional Golf Coach

  • Professional Golf Coach
  • Touring Player Professional Golf Malaysia (PGM)
  • Golf Athletes National Golf Academy (UUMNGA)

Aiman Nazari

Fitness Trainer

  • Pre-workout Preparation – Physical Readiness
  • Fitness Training – Monitoring Students’ Performance
  • Training Program Design – Tailor Fitness Goals and Programs to Match Individual’s Needs
  • Relationship Management – Health Motivator & Responsible for Student’s Welfare

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